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Search Engine Optimization

"Marketing Is No Longer About The Stuff That You Make, But About The Stories You Tell" – Seth Godlin

In this simulating world of social media sites, what is the one fine aspect common amongst the all? Apart from socializing and liaising with people, what else do these sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like attract us? Is it the layout or the font or the ‘n’ number of app and games? No! But it is the innumerable ads and online shopping posts with extremely tempting offers which withholds our attention little longer than it is required.

Indefinitely, without saying, it is quite apparent that online marketing is dominating the infamous World Wide Web. Today, people have become so time conscious that they hardly find occasion to walk around the malls or shops to buy stuffs. When every little thing, from a basic need like a soap to a highly technical and overpowering good like laptop is available at your home (on the computer), then why need to roam around?

Online shopping forums are ‘the hype’ of the season. They are cost effective, fast and are globally accessible to people. And moreover since the competition is heavily flowing, the online companies have become even more reliable.

Well, truth be told the competition has not stopped with internet shopping companies but has reached far and wide to bigger and powerful companies and corporate who are trying to make a mark in the global sector?

Marketing and selling your innovations and products has been made easy by the internet. A small town scientist in some Indian town has achieved milestones by earning crores through online marketing.

The most cost effective and stimulating way to reach customers globally is through Internet Marketing. Online marketing is an optimum usage of internet to advertise, promote and sell products and services and create a brand new identity at a large scale.

At Web Spark Technologies, we proffer a complete Internet Marketing Development to our customers that involve understanding and evaluating their businesses, strategize objectives, conduct a SWOT analysis and finally present an UX rich online marketing campaign.

Our comprehensive Internet Marketing Services comprises:

  • Internet Advertising – Developing a constructive and efficient online advertisement to target audience internationally. Simpler and elegant with an impeccable communicative ad is what we deliver.
  • Internet Branding – Includes creation of website (static and dynamic), Logo, Email template, Newsletter, Blogs, Press Releases, Ad campaigns, Banner etc. The first bang-on impression is what lasts till the end.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Quick optimization of Web Page and higher page position in search results. SEO helps to increase the traffic of your website which further boosts its rank.
  • Pay Per Click Services (PPC) – An advanced methodology where popular web publishers help to advertise your company in their forums and every time you are benefited by a user who clicks the link, you pay a marginal amount to the owner.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) – An effective solution for your company to get noticed in all the social media websites. Well promotion of a business increases brand awareness and higher profit ratio. And with the increasing popularity of Facebook and Twitter, without much adieu, SMO is what you all need to climb the ladder of success.

In addition to the above, Web Sparks also provide advanced Digital Marketing Services. We develop both ‘pull’ and ‘push’ digital marketing techniques for our clients.

Having considered the above services we are providing, if a blip of doubt is still lingering in your minds, then go through these five awesome benefits of Internet Marketing and its services;

1. It is the easiest and finest Direct Marketing. Yes, the moment you log into the web page, the entire world’s population is ready to take in your service. It is     how you do it which matters.

2. Flexibility at its peak. You can work round the clock without having to worry about the time and serve any part of the world. Update a victorious ad online and     within seconds your store would be mobbed with customers.

3. Reaching out to the niche market has better clarity. You can dissect your customer demographically, geographically and based on life style and then target     them with different branding approach. You should also take care of the localization of each country when marketing.

4. As we all know, since Internet Marketing aisle is narrow, the idea of reaching millions is more cost effective and light on your pockets.

5. Liaisons with your customers will be better thereby aiding you to provide better services.

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