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Mobile Application

Anywhere, Anytime!! Ultimate Mobile App Solution

Which is the most frequently utilized gadget in your life? Every minute, you hold it at least once in your hand. Yes, it is none other than the smart phone sitting blissfully on your lap. Smart phone is being sold in millions every hour. The costlier the phone, the better is your social status – this is the motto people follow today.

But the question is why smart phones are in rage? Well, your world in your palm, who would not want that? Calling, surfing, music, internet, videos, music, lacs of amazing apps – a walking life of yours is what a smart phone is.

It is all the more attractive and an attention seeker due to the application it possess. I store and Google Play has magnificent apps that give these smart phones a better edge over the computers and laptops.

Mobile Application Development is a process where exclusive mobile phone compatible software are developed and distributed. Android apps are projected in Google play and apps for apple phones ate projected in I store.

Web Sparks Technologies is one of the fastest growing Mobile Application and Web Development companies in India. Everywhere we turn our head; we see a smart phone user and because of which Mobile Application Development is in vogue. What we do is, we brainstorm your mind and revolve your entire business organization into few simple mobile applications.

We provide our expertise in;

  • Iphone App Development : Our Iphone App Designers provide you not just with innovative ideas but also turn your smallest of dreams into an IOS app. HTML5 and CSS3 is intensely used in the development.
  • Android App Development : We are proficient Developers of Android apps. We develop apps that are compatible with all the latest versions and build of Android.

Some of our Mobile App Solutions are:

  • Mobile Education : Books, lifestyle, horoscope and astrology, info media, study material, news apps, weather, health etc
  • Mobile Entertainment : Music, downloading and listening, movies, books, games etc
  • Mobile Payment : Bill payment such as digital TV, internet, phone, travel tickets, hotels and resorts etc
  • Mobile commerce : Banking and related stuffs
  • Media Streaming
  • Location Enhancement Solutions
  • Mobile Social Networking : Facebook, twitter, YouTube, linkedIn, Skillpages etc
  • Web to Mobile Migration : You can now convert your website into a comfortable mobile application. You can see such apps for many online shopping forum
  • Mobile Performance Analysis and Optimization

Web Spark Technologies believes in delivering an innovating experience to you. For developing and providing a better application, following tools are taken under our wing for multiplatform mobile development.

1. PhoneGap : A FOSS milieu, that helps to develop better apps for Android, iphone, Symbian, Blackberry, Palm, ipad. HTML and Java language are used in     the platform. It was the most acclaimed tool at Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco launch pad. It works with the phone’s hardware like camera, GPS, maps,     sound etc.

2. Appcelerator : Uses Web Programming languages such HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. It is a Titanium Development Platform and powers     1000+ apps per month. Ideal for mobile phones, tablets and desktop apps as well. In addition, the developed apps can also be stored in cloud computing or     on other external device.

3. RhoMobile : Rhodes is an open source framework, highly powerful and compatible. It works with multiple developing languages and is attuned with many     operating systems such as Android, Symbian, RIM and I phone. A single code can create multiple apps with minutes of changes. RhoHub and RhoSync     are the developers of RhoMobile.

4. WidgetoPad : This is also an open source framework for developing only smart phone app. Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5 is used in the environment. IOS     apps, Android apps and Web apps can be created with WidgetPad. And now you can find this in private Beta as well.

5. MoSync : MoSync is also a FOSS multi framework for mobile app and is supported on standard web programming. It supports several types of OS which     also includes Linux distro. Currently it is working on Eclipse based IDE for C/C++ programming.

We ensure to deliver User Experience rich mobile solutions to our customer as we believe that there is nothing lesser than a content client.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact@websparktechnologies.com