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E Commerce

Earn money 24/7, even while you are sleeping

E commerce is a boon to every business, a large scale or small, does not matter. Today, when competition is racing at a lightning speed, adopting new technology and methodology for business is the preeminent solution. Now, most of the business dealings are completed online, Ecommerce. But above every competitor is a customer. Your focus should not waver from your customers- your ideal bread and butter.

This famous quote has a lot of meaning – “If you are a competitor focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer – focused allows you to be more pioneering.” What we do not realize is our work does not end after creating and developing a website. But, e commerce is lot more than that. If you take notice there are some 1000 books on commerce by famous authors. Each person has put in some valuable insight to commerce. Ecommerce is no difference; in fact a lot more effort is required to construct it and keep it going.

The reason is simple – on the internet your business is not limited to a smaller market, but is viewed and analyzed by billions of people, who can be your potential client. Henceforth, a dynamic, constructive and innovative e commerce site is what you need for the day.

If you are looking for best Ecommerce Web Development Company in India, then Web Sparks Technology is the answer to all your dreams.

Our E Commerce Web Development process has four important aspects:

  • To Discover the latest and informative trends
  • To change the ideas and thoughts in to perfect UX Design
  • To Develop a comprehensive E Commerce Website using modern technologies and
  • To Deliver end result following supreme Quality Management System

We expertise in providing finest Ecommerce Web Development Services, where main features including:

  • Content Management System : Web based publishing, format management system, version control, editing, indexing, search and retrieval of information and data.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell approach : Up selling process involves marketing of similar products of higher value (e.g.: Maruti Wagon R dealer marketing SX4) where cross selling involves marketing goods of same product line (e.g.: Maruti dealer promoting seat covers and accessories). Both the approach has a very marginal difference.
  • Multi lingual and multi currency themes : Get an ecommerce website with more than two operating language and with the provision of payment modes through different currencies.
  • URL rewrites and RSS feeds : High Definition modification of URLs to make them Search Engine Friendly and optimum RSS feeder for your newsfeed, blogs and headlines.
  • Regular Search Engine Optimization : Enjoy the attention of many frequent visitors with highly qualifying SEO techniques to bring in your website in the top pages of search results.

We master in the following classification of e commerce websites:

  • Business to Business (B2B) : This kind of ecommerce sees parties such as manufacturers, traders, industries, producers, retailers etc, where transactions happen from both the end.
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) : These are primarily the online shopping portals where products are being purchased by consumers and cash is transacted instead. eBay, Myntra, Flipkart, FashionandYou are few examples for B2B e commerce.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) : Where a consumer transacts cash to another consumer through a third party or interim site. Online auction will be the ideal example to this classification.

We also extend our services to two most popular forms of electronic commerce (EC):

  • Mcommerce : It is the abbreviation of Mobile commerce and is trending in the market. More usage of smart phones than computers has made developers to launch mcommerce that are accessible through mobile phones.
  • Fcommerce : Without saying, it is very clear that Facebook is now the king of all social media forums. So why not develop Facebook Commerce for the facebook addict consumers?
These two e commerce in vogue will definitely increase the rate of profitability of your business.

Why Us?

Web Sparks developers are skilled proficient who are aware work finesse. Our methodologies include:

  • Excellent GUI
  • Up hand information about the market
  • Ethical web development practices
  • Intense brainstorming prior to each developing process
  • Regular communication with the clients and customary SWOT Analysis about the market

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact@websparktechnologies.com